blue leaf
fall leaves 2012

Digital art and photography

Randy is primarily a photographer and he primarily likes Landscape, Architecture, and Macro photography utilizing bold colors.

He started out creating "art" from a digital aspect. His style of art is called digital abstract. In it he tries to "utilize color, light, and texture to create visually stimulating abstract images that have meaning to each individual viewer or person". His influences are aspects and images from the world, and fractals from mathematics. He has found when people look at his art they each see something different depending on their life experiences. He admires other artist’s work, although he couldn’t tell you whom. Rather than getting into other people’s work, he just likes creating his own.

He creates images using Adobe Photoshop on his computer. He starts with a blank page, then with the image in his head, he begins drawing in the shapes and lines with different colors, sized brushes, and textures. He uses filtering tools over this to help mix and blend colors. He looks for a part that stands out – whether it be a color, texture, or pattern, then he keeps working on it using the image cropping, adding colors, lighting effects, and filter tools until it resembles something he considers balanced and interesting. If he achieves what he wants he saves it and its finished. On other occasions it takes 1-2 weeks to complete where he tries out different and new ways to apply colors and textures. When he has finished all of this, he shows his wife and gets her opinion.

In the last 10 years Randy has entered his work into various art shows, coffee shops, and small galleries. He considers one of his greatest achievements to be "creating some really great art" and his efforts in getting it out into the public’s eye.